We Have Modified Our Name
We have modified our name to more accurately reflect our vision and mission, both of which are shown below. We are, of course, still sponsored by Business Valuation Resources, LLC (BVR) and Seattle Pacific University (SPU).

Also, we have found that accounting students are expressing interest in valuation and should be included along with finance students in our competition. Our mission reflects this.

Our vision: To help close the gap between typical textbook theory and professional appraisal practice, particularly as it applies to private and closely held assets. In support of this vision…

Our Mission: To provide an annual private business valuation competition with cash prizes for teams of university accounting and finance students.

We believe that a competition with cash prizes is one of the best ways to encourage the development of accounting and finance majors competent in valuing actual business asset combinations such as companies, divisions, and joint ventures. Teams update by one year an actual professionally prepared business valuation report and make video and in-person presentations of their work to valuation professionals.


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